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  Playable Japanese Subs - Milestones in modding
  Posted by: Starforce 2 on 10-23-2009 @ 23:25
This News Item has been viewed 183,248 times
Most of you have probably seen them ingame by now. Especialy in the stock game, if you've ever had to (or wanted to) visit Japan in your sub, you might have seen one docked at the harbor. You might have emptied your torpedo tubes only to have it still float, or worse, sink and not get credit. Well, modders are not only working to make subs act like they should when encountered ingame, now you can even drive one. Actualy, more than one. A guy by the name of Keltos is creating a mod that allows the player to command a Japanese sub. There are a few of them. This includes the Midget sub and the "Human Torpedo" which was a manned torpedo which is useable as an ammo type. I can't find where I saw it at the moment but I am guessing it's set up as a homing torpedo since it had a periscope and was controled. Keltos has the damage and crew screens made as well, and there are people working on a playable Japanese campaign, which is currently in beta. Additionaly, other modders are working to make Japanese and German subs work correctly when they appear to use as enemiess, meaning they will drive around, dive, and fire torpedo. FOTRS already has Sen Toku's that will drive, and engage you with surface guns if you get in range. In the near future we're going to be seeing alot of things that will make our submarine missions much more interesting regardless of what side you want to play, even needing to dodge torpedo fired from surface ships and dropped from aircraft.

I can't find the human torpedo pic, but I'll post a few screenshots. Threads for the Playable Japanese subs listed below:


If I find more threads I'll update the news.

          Next News Post 10-28-2009 @ 05:42 - That time again updated
          Previous News Post 10-23-2009 @ 17:21 - Wolves of the Kaiser: 1914-1918

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 #1 - Axis Subs - 02-04-2010 at 03:03
Joined: February 4th, 2010
Posts: 1
I am waiting for the chance to play with a Jap sub. They were very interesting boats and their torpedos had much better range and reliability than that of the USA and British boats of their time. I hope that they will make it so we can shoot against the USA and British navies

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